When hiring someone to fill a position within their company, employers typically look for a standard set of skills. These basic skills serve as the building blocks for other critical career skills. They are needed to successfully work in almost any industry, corporation, or job role.

Time after time, employers have ranked writing skills as one of the top five skills they are looking for when interviewing candidates. They expect their employees to be capable of expressing themselves fluently when writing. This shows that teaching kids to write properly from an early age is an important skill they will use throughout their life.

Writing skills have become increasingly important in the technological age. Technology has changed the workplace dramatically, introducing new methods of written communication. Telephone calls and group conferences are frequently replaced with emails and group chats. Large numbers of people work from home on a regular basis, relying almost entirely on written communication to interact with their boss and coworkers.

Teaching kids to write provides them with the writing skills that employers want to see when they enter the workforce. There are several skills teachers should focus on when teaching kids to write:

Correct Spelling and Grammar

Incorrect spelling and grammar makes the writer appear less knowledgeable, which is a serious concern in a professional work environment. It can also negatively affect the reader’s comprehension. Teaching kids to write with correct spelling and grammar instills good habits they will carry with them.

Sentence Construction

Clear written communication relies heavily on proper sentence construction. Using WordParts teaches children the parts of speech, as well as the underlying sentence structure. This method of sentence modeling provides them with a visual picture of an abstract concept. Once they understand how sentences are constructed, they will be better prepared to form their own.

Different Types of Written Communication

Although all writing in the workplace should be professional, there are still different forms of communication. For instance, a text message and email have very different expectations and rules. Kids must learn how to communicate correctly in each type of writing.

Tell us about your employer’s writing skills expectations.  What types or written communication do you use at your place of work?