Shapes That Shape Minds

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Next Generation Systems is in its initial development phase and presents exciting new opportunities for parents who not only want the best learning experience for their children but also to participate and shape the nature of that experience.

A simple first step is to download the iPad app that contains a mix of 15 activities demonstrating the “sentence modeling” feature of the application. And please be sure and sign up for a membership in the “WordParts Interest Group” to be kept up to date on recent activities.


Download and Installation Instructions


Apple iPad running IOS version 8.0 and above



To participate in the program all we need is your name and email. Later, you will be receiving an invitation to download the App on your iPad. Remember, you need to be running 8.0 IOS or higher.

After we process your registration you will receive an invitation from the iTunes store with the subject line - TestFlight: You're invited to test WordParts…

Prior to responding to the email please go to the App Store and download the app called Testflight. Once you have done that all you have to do is click the link in the iTunes email and the WordParts app will load.


Remember to complete a survey after you work with WordParts. You can complete as many as you like. There are two surveys, one from a parent’s point of view and one from a student’s point of view. If possible we would like everyone in your family to try out WordParts. 


Sign-up Here to Download the iPad App