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WordParts provides you everything you need to teach a solid English curriculum. It is easy to install and use, you can fit into your current schedule easily, and it saves you time.

Parent Teacher

You face a daunting task. WordParts can help you complete one of them by providing a simple recipe for teaching English curriculum.


We can’t imagine the issues you are facing these days


  • Adjusting to the pull between in-class and distance learning.
  • Wondering how new students were affected last year because of the pandemic. Is there more review needed?
  • When asked, most teachers say, “Help!!”.
  • Help can mean a lot of things, a common theme is that teachers need more time.
  • WordParts can’t help that, but it can help SAVE time.


Ask yourself how well your child writes. Are you satisfied? Do you know? WordParts shows how to get the answer and resolve any issues you might find.


Spend time with your grandchild and enrich his life in unique way. WordParts helps you help them learn a precious skill. Be with them and teach them at the same time.

A Word

There is a story behind WordParts

NGS have been working on WordParts for a long time and we’re ready to inspire more students and classrooms to improve in both reading and writing. . WordParts was recently upated with a new online version that includes more animation, more activities, and a lesson plan fomrat that is easily readable and doable for any educator or parent. More importantly, it is designed to be easy to implement and use. WordParts is non-invasive and saves you time.


Implement WordParts and you not only get a world-class English language curriculum, you can watch it succeed from you desk.

ESL Teacher

Teach your students how to speak with grammatical accuracy. No matter their age, WordParts gives you the tools to do this.


The best solution for you


  • You know how to teach and what works for you

    • WordParts is a tool kit
    • Use it the way it helps you best
    • Fit it into your current environment

    Easy to install and use

    • Zoom compatible – teach in-class or distance learning – even both
    • Completely digital

    It comes with everything you need

    • Lesson plans
    • Activities
    • Visuals
    • Resources

    All based on a solid curriculum created by folks like you and aligned with CCSS

    Convince Me

    Are my students really lacking in language skills?

    That is a hard question to answer. And even if there might be a problem, how big is it.?

    At Next Generation System, our belief is that grammar and writing are important skills:

    • They lay a foundation for further learning
    • They facilitate serious collaboration
    • They will help your child in every aspect and at every age of their lives

    It’s a common understanding that our children are lacking in their skills.


    Why WordParts?


      • WordParts is a uniquely effective solution
      • It’s engaging and will draw interest. Try this lesson
      • It is like a recipe in that it includes everything you need to teach grammar
      • It’s based on a solid core curriculum that will meet anyone’s standard

      What is WordpartS?

      It’s a teaching toolkit for teaching English language structure. It has three tiers, 3D shapes, a sound curriculum, and software that delivers the curriculum with exciting animations and visuals.


      WordParts fits anyone’s learning style

      It’s also has it’s own magic.


      What child can resist working with their hands? Which adult…..

      • Importantly, the tactile nature of using shapes improves student cognitive skills as they use multiple senses and naturally use both sides of their brain as they engage in learning activities
      • Tactile learning leads to better retention and recall of learned information


      Another option is to get the full Kindergarten product on a monthly subscription. You get all the bells and whistles and a money back guarantee.

      Convince Me

      To begin with it is fully digital with online access to key features.

      The instructor guide is delivered as a .pdf file

      • Unit and lesson plan descriptions
        • Detailed I do, We do, and You do instructions
      • Uses a building block approach
      • Aligns with CCSS

      The Instructor Pack is delivered as a PowerPoint Show

      • Uses slides and animation for I do and We do activities
      • Provides You-do assessments for students

      WordParts integrates with Learning Management System (LMS) functionality

      • Assessment lessons to create individual lesson plans
      • Placement test
      • Student progress reports
      • Custom dashboard

      You will want to add shapes kits. (We recommend 1 for the teacher and 1 for the student)

      • 12 2D puzzle pieces that represent 8 common Parts of Speech (POS)
      • 3D Shapes (delivered later at no additional cost)

      You can get WordParts via subscription or as a package.

      • You can by our classroom package which gives you everything needed to teach 25 students with a full school year subscrption
      • You can build your own package and purchase it as a subscription

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