Finding the perfect learning activities or middle school age students is all about striking a balance. It’s easy to accidentally pick something that’s too easy or too complex for this intermediate stage of their educational career. You have to find the activities that are “just right” for this in-between age student. Here are a few parts of speech activities that are perfectly suited for middle school age kids.

Parts of Speech Tongue Twisters

Start by assigning each student a different letter of the alphabet. Ask them to write down several words for each part of speech that begin with that letter. They can then use their word bank to construct a series of silly tongue twisters. Once they’ve practiced saying their tongue twisters, have the students trade papers and identify the parts of speech in their peer’s creations.

Sign Up

Read a sentence aloud, then say a single word from the sentence. At the call “sign up!”, each student holds up a small sign to identify the part of speech the word played in the sentence.

Sentence Constructors

Divide the class into small groups. Provide each group with a stack of colored index cards or slips of construction paper and give them a part of speech. Their job is to write down one random word from their assigned part of speech onto each card. Once they are finished, place each stack into a separate box. Have each child draw one verb, two nouns, one adjective, etc. and use the words they select to construct a sentence. Because the words were drawn at random, the final results should be highly entertaining and amusing.

Technology Based Parts of Speech Activities

Middle school age kids love using technology. You should take advantage of this any chance you get by incorporating technology into their lessons. WordParts makes it easy for both parents and teachers to teach and reinforce the parts of speech. The app is designed to be just the right level for the middle school age student. It is interactive, visually appealing, effective, and simply a whole lot of fun to use.

Do you have an activity that is successful in teaching middle school age kids parts of speech?  Please share it with us!