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Learn By Doing

The WordParts software is an integration with Microsoft PowerPoint and eLearning software from iSpring. WordParts implements the common Gradual Release of Responsibiliyt (GRR) model. We refer to is as The I do, We do, You do model.

Beyond the Books

WordParts is simple to use. A teacher has a single PowerPoint Show slide set that give them access to everything they need. Yet our design is a solid cloud-based implementation that give everyone access to WordParts from anywhere they have access to the Internet.


Perfect for teachers and parents

WordParts includes access to our LMS capability for both the teacher and student. Combining all functionality creates a feedback loop for the teacher. Depicted below, it provides the teacher with the flexibiiity to maximize their interaction with each individual student.


Our Software

Using WordParts


The student will have access to their Lesson Plans. They will be greeted with engaging, animated lessons. View some of the lessons.


The teacher has access to LMS functionality to teach the student and to manage the students’ learning. They will use the PowerPoint Show to deliver their lesson.


They will next use the LMS to evaluate student results. In additon to standard progress reports, WordParts includes a custom dashboard for the teacher. 


With WordParts custom graphs, they can quickly see how well each student is doing but also a sense for how well they have grasped the lesson.


Our Curriculum

What is a good curriculum?

Importantly, our curriculum has all the components of a world-class curriculum:

  • It works for all ages and all abilities, K-12.
  • It takes the abstract concept of grammar and turns it into something concrete that students can get their hands on and wrap their brains around? It makes sense.
  • It follows an exquisitely constructed, step-by-step approach and unfolds grammar in a logical progression which builds from one topic to another.
  • Combined with WordParts, it taps into visual/spatial, verbal/linguistic, musical/rhythmic, logical/mathematical, bodily/kinesthetic, inter and intra personal ways of learning.
  • Using it consumes minimal class time.
  • It doesn’t require homework.
  • It benchmarks directly and effectively supports the current emphasis on The Common CORE State Standards (CCSS).
  • It improves student writing by providing opportunities for students to recognize language components and constructions and then use them to make their writing more effective.
  • It is: painless to teach and painless to learn.


Kindergarten (and future grade implementations) provide a comprehensive set of tools..

Instructor Pack

Pack Contains:

PowerPoint show slide set

  • Powerful animated instructor lesson plans
    • Links to instructor animations
  • Kindergarten Instructor Guide
    • Complete, formatted guide
      • Detailed Unit and Lesson Plans
  • Printable Flash Cards
    • Temporary shape kit
    • Shape definitions

Wordparts Access Service

  • 1 Student Access
  • 1 Instructor Access
  • Membership Area
    • Download files
    • Tips & techniques

The instructor pack can be ordered on a subscription basis.


Why WordParts?


    • WordParts is a uniquely effective solution
    • It’s engaging and will draw interest. Try this lesson
    • It is like a recipe in that it includes everything you need to teach grammar
    • It’s based on a solid core curriculum that will meet anyone’s standard

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    Telephone: 970-388-3687

    Email: info@wordparts.net